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Director - Daniel Calparsoro
Cast - Eloy Azorin, Eduardo Noriega,
Ruben Ochandiano, Carla Perez,
Jordi Vilches, Roger Casamajor,
Inaki Font, Sandra Wahlbeck
Year - 2002
Language - Spanish
In Guerreros, everything turns around the remains of Kosovo´s war and a group of Spanish soldiers that were sent there in a humanitary mission to take control of the situation. Calparsoro discovers us that, in the so-many-times-seen field of war, what it is really important is every man´s personal feelings.

Guerreros is not only a war film. It goes further more than shots, blood or explosions to show us deep inside every soldier´s problems and reactions. You won´t find special effects (like in "Black Hawk Down") but you´ll really suffer as the movie goes on. And you will see how each character evolutionates according to what he sees or feels.

If you like war movies, you shouldn´t miss this one. Probably, it will make you think and discover other points of view in a war.
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Dossier K.
Director: Jan Verheyen
DOSSIER K. is the long anticipated successor to 'The Alzheimer Case' which won numerous awards and was sold to over 30 countries, among which the US (where it was released through Sony Picture Classics). This second film based on a novel by Jef Geeraerts is a dense European thriller about passion, betrayal, revenge, blind ambition and the inevitability of fate. Set against the realistic background of Albanian mafia in Antwerp, the story brings the main characters Erik Vincke and Freddy Verstuyft into a disastrous vortex from which no one seems to escape. Written by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama 

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